New Club Amsterdam Klezmer Online!

Recently we had the fortune to play a concert in one of our all time favorite venues: Paradiso. Despite the seemingly everlasting COVID misery, still 250 people were allowed to enjoy the show. 250 is not a bad number these days, but we want more! And we hope you too…  because this Thursday we will be able to enjoy this memorable evening once again! Despite all covid limitations the show in Paradiso became one of our absolute 2020 was a relief to be able to play a decent show  after all these empty months. Therefore a big up to Paradiso and our hometown audience!
Coming Thursday the 29th of October we’ll broadcast the highlights of our AKB 2020 Paradiso concert at Club Amsterdam Klezmer ONLINE. We are proud that we’re still going strong and we’re eager to share the music and lovely ambience with you.