Cultural Governance Code

Stichting Rettisj & Kippevet endorses and applies the Cultural Governance Code.
The organization, founded in 1996, has opted for the board model for its governance, as this model does justice to the scale and nature of its activities.
With the addition of internal regulations in 2012, the articles of association were brought into line with the Cultural Governance Code.
The board consists of 3 to 5 people and has a rotation schedule; the term of office is 4 years and may be renewed.
The board has 4 formal meetings a year, which meetings are attended by the Amsterdam Klezmer Band Members, the business manager and if necessary the bookkeeper. Fixed agenda items are the budget, quarterly reports, financial statements, strategy and policy, risk management, (filling of new) vacancies, the Cultural Governance Code and compliance with the Code.
The board distinguishes four risk categories: financial risks, operational risks, strategic risks and legislative/regulatory risks.
The board reviews its own performance annually, which reviews are recorded.
The board does not act as a so-called ‘remote board’, but rather as an informal sounding board, for example in the recruitment and selection of candidates for (new) vacancies and in substantive brainstorming sessions.