We’ll be doing an AKB XL tour at the end of the year. XL large line-up, XL fun! Have you always wanted to hear us play with a drummer? Get you tickets on the websites of the following venues.

Fr 2nd of November – Neushoorn – Leeuwarden

Sat 3rd of November – Paard – Den Haag

Fr 9th of November – Hedon – Zwolle

Sat 10th of November – Cul de Sac – Tilburg

Fr 16th of November – De Meester – Almere


 Our new single ‘Szikra’

With an enormous amount of pride we would like to introduce to you our album Szikra!! Amsterdam Klezmer Band plus Söndörgő​ makes for a totally new sound, let’s call it a Balkan BigBand Orchestra Adventure Fusion Sound Experience for now, but be sure it’s even much more than that, so do have a listen to this album and find out for yourself! Oh, and if you can, come see us play the music live, you don’t want to miss that!


Click here to listen to the new single!

 Tourdates with Söndörgő

In celebration of our new album ‘Szikra’, we’ll be touring with our friends in Söndörgő.


Sat 21st of April – Balkan Trafik – Brussels

Mon 21st of May – Music Meeting Nijmegen

Wed 23rd of May – De Centrale – Gent

Thu 24rd of May – Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht

Fri 25th of May – Amersfoort Jazz

Sa 23rd of June – 5 Continents Festival – Matigny Switzerland

Fr 20th of July – Horizonte Koblenz – Koblenz Germany

Thu 26th of July – Glatt & Verkehrt – Krems, Austria

Sa 28th of July – Nurnberg Bardentreffen – Germany


More TBA


 Our next album ‘Szikra’

Our next album Szikra is a collaboraton with the wonderful band Söndörgő from Hungary. And, of course, with a new album (especially when it turned out so well) (yes, we’re quite proud of it) there should also be a tour, so you can hear the music live. We did three shows last year, and those shows were wonderful. Here’s a little video to tease you all. Come see us this summer, somewhere in Europe, possibly even further away!


Check our new single ‘Mooncatch’ here!



 Septacost – Multimedia Klezmer Show

All over the world AKB shows end up in spontaneous dance parties. The new musical theatre performance Septacost offers you more than just that. The band cleverly plays with the expectations of the audience in a virtuoso appearance that balances between melancholy and euphoria. Curious? Check the aftermovie of our show in Theater de Meervaart here.