Dear friends,

These are tough times. In normal life it is our job to bring people together, help you connect with each other, deal with hardship and celebrate the good things in life, and give solace through our music. It is important work, and it hurts that we can’t do this now.

However, at this moment there are more important things to be done, like the incredible work the people in health care are doing right now. We have to respect and accept this. Still we may feel the pain that we can’t perform, and be scared for what’s coming.

We sincerely hope that societies will value the arts enough to keep the existing infrastructures intact and support the artists through this difficult period. Please support the artists! You can help by buying our albums, play our music on streaming services and add our songs to your playlists, donate generously when enjoying live streams, etc.

We need to be patient, and we’ll get through. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself and of each other. It will take time, but we will be back! Cheers

Support the arts!
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