During this special edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer, vocals will be the main point of focus. The special guest of this evening is Lilian Vieira. She will be singing alongside the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

The Brazilian-Dutch singer and lyric writer Lilian Vieira presents herself with her Brazilian Samba Soul from the sixties and seventies. At age 23 she moved to The Netherlands, where she, due to her special timbre, great improvisation skills and charismatic stage presence develops as a noted singer. This is partly due to her role in the Brazilectro group Zuco 103. Vieira – primarily singing in Portuguese – also works with multiple jazz-, soul- and funkbands and various DJs.


Date: 30th of November

Location: Mezrab, Veemkade 576 Amsterdam
Doors open: 8 PM
Show start: 8.30 PM
Tickets only at the door: 10 euro / Members: 8 euro 

Workshop ‘Samba vocals with Lilian Vieira ’ – 3rd of December

Feel the samba fever!
Everyone knows Brazil from the Carnival and colourful parades. During this time of the year, Brazil is in the spirit of the samba. Considered one of the most popular Brazilian cultural expressions, samba has become an icon of Brazilian national identity.
Lilian Vieira provides a series of workshops in anticipation of the Brazilian Carnival. She will be accompanied by Marijn van Linden on guitar and she will be interviewed by Jasper de Beer (Amsterdam Klezmer Band). Samba is all about moving your hips, legs and feet to the rhythm of the music. Feel the music and sing along with one of Holland’s greatest samba singers.
Would you like to learn how to sing within the samba genre? Subscribe to this workshop by sending an email to under the header: workshop ‘Vocals’. Please include your phone number in the mail. We will confirm your participation as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact us at the following telephone number: 06 12690334
Date: 3rd of December
Location: Q-Factory
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 h
Costs: €27,50 (this includes a ticket for Club Amsterdam Klezmer ‘Vocals’ in Mezrab)




Club Amsterdam Klezmer ‘Op een goppe’ 


During this special edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer, Amsterdam Klezmer Band takes you to a real Jewish wedding scene. Klezmer is originally weddingmusic. The Amsterdam Klezmer Band has played many weddings (goppes) throughout the years. It’s time to go back to the roots of Klezmer! Enjoy an AKB show like you’ve never seen them before; semi-acoustic, intimate, with lots of traditional Klezmer tunes and opportunities for dancing.

The special guest of the night is Sahand Sahebdivani. Instead of a traditional wedding speech, he will be telling an interesting story. Sahand was born in Iran and raised in the Netherlands where he studied storytelling, screenplay writing and music. He’s worked both in Dutch and Persian language media as a writer and programme maker on a variety of cultural, social and political issues. When he’s not in Amsterdam he’s touring the world with his band, his story shows and/or his storytelling workshops.


Date: 26th of October

Location: Mezrab, Veemkade 576 Amsterdam
Doors open: 8 PM
Show start: 8.30 PM
Tickets only at the door: 10 euro / Members: 8 euro 


Workshop improvisation: The story in your solo

***Update: The workshop with Onno van Swigchem has unfortunately been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Club Amsterdam Klezmer on the 21st of September will still continue as planned. We hope to see you all there!***


The new season of Club Amsterdam Klezmer doesn’t just offer fabulous club-nights with surprising themes and very special guests. As from September we will be sharing our musical knowledge during a series of interesting workshops. The first workshop follows the theme of the clubnight ‘Jazz and Improvisation’ and will be held on the 17th of September. Onno van Swigchem will lead the workshop and offer some inspiring ‘solo-coaching’.


Saxophonist and composer Onno van Swigchem works in several groups: De Bende van Drie, Waterproof Live and Tetzepi. He is also an experienced workshop leader and trainer, especially interested in individual and collective improvisation. He has developed his own learning method to stimulate musicians in exploring their improvisation skills.


In his own words; “A workshop is a kind of playground, a free space to be explored. You can try out anything there. That’s ideal. What kind of potential is present, and what kind of experience – what step – is needed to realize that potential? That’s different for everyone, and listening for it and finding the right ‘eye-openers’ interests me enormously.”


Whereas some workshops take tonality and theory as a starting point, Onno prefers to work from a story-based point of view. What’s the story that you’d like to tell the audience? How do you tell the story? And what’s the interaction like on stage? In what way can you push yourself to get the best out of yourself and others? When you subscribe to the workshop, make sure to think about these questions beforehand. Bring along a song, a groove, an abstract or specific idea. Onno will give you personal feedback based on this.


So for anyone who has some solo experience, but who tends to get stuck after a few bars or who gets lost in chord changes… come and join this inspiring workshop. It’s a revelation!


The workshop will be held at the Qfactory on Sunday the 17th of September, time: 14.00 – 17.00 hrs. We can only accept a limited number of participants, so if you want to join send in your subscription as soon as possible! We are looking for soloists ánd rhythm section players.

The costs are 27,50 euros and include the fee for the workshop and a ticket for the improvisation themed club night at the Mezrab on Thursday September 21st.


Please fill out the answers to the questions below, copy-paste it and send your subscription to: under the header: workshop improvisation. We will confirm your participation as soon as possible, but at the latest during the first week of September. If you have any questions please contact us at the following telephone number: 06 12690334




First name


Born in the year


Postal code


Telephone number

Mail address 

What instrument do you play and what is your musical experience?

What do you expect from the workshop? What do you want to learn? What is your personal motivation?





Multimediaal muziektheater over het verdrijven van eenzaamheid



Overal ter wereld eindigen AKB-optredens in spontane dansfeesten. Maar Septacost is meer dan een dampende klezmerparty. Dit multimediale muziektheater balanceert tussen melancholie en euforie.


Klezmer heeft naast een uitbundige ook een weemoedige kant – net als de band zelf. Septacost is een virtuoze zoektocht naar een remedie tegen eenzaamheid. De muziek biedt gelukkig troost en werkt louterend. Er is licht in de duisternis. De bevrijdende apotheose is nabij.


Septacost ging in première op Oerol 2017 en onderstreept dat de AKB zich niet laat beperken door tradities en verwachtingen. Ook het decor zit vol verrassingen, met videoprojecties die onderdeel worden van het verhaal en de muziek.




Club Amsterdam Klezmer at Mezrab season 2016- 2017 has finished.

Big up to Mezrab for hosting us in great style.

We’ll be back in September 2017!

More about: Club Amsterdam Klezmer (click)


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