De Amsterdam Klezmer Academy!

The past few years the demand for lessons and workshops of our band members has grown and from all over the world we regularly get the request if there exists sheet music of our songs. This is exactly what has inspired our latest project.

We are going to share our musical world with the public and to make that happen with have a request for you.

To make the Klezmer Academy happen we want to release a beautiful book consisting of the sheet music of our most popular songs. Together with its release we want to pair a website where the sheet music will also be available digitally, accompanied by play-along-tracks and tutorials, which will supplement the book.


To reach this goal some very important steps have to be made.

  • The music has to be elegantly written out and produced.
  • Our regular designer Martin Draax will make a beautiful cover and design for our book.
  • A website will we be build by Peter Hordijk in which we can offer the AKB Academy in a cool and friendly environment. This is where the sheet music, play-along-tracks and helpful tutorials will appear digitally.
  • We have to go into the studio to record the play-along-tracks!
  • The book will consist of 96 pages with 13/14 songs in 4 different keys!

Any of you would understand that there are some necessary costs to be made to make this happen.

Fortunately, we have already received some of the necessary money through a partially awarded grant application that we made for this project. Sadly, to complete the budget required for our project we need another 6000 euros.
We don’t give up easily, which is why we turn towards you (modestly :-0) as lovers of music and fans of our band through this platform.
Help us realise the Amsterdam Klezmer Academy and get a cool reward in return!

Our goal is to have finished this project by the end of 2022!

Mazzel and Broge, we thank you kindly in advance
Alec, Gijs, Janfie, Jasper, Job, Joop en Theo

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