Workshop hiphop / electic / pop with Thijs van Milligen

Learn the basics of hiphop / eclectic / pop with Thijs van Milligen!



Thijs van Milligen (1980) is well known as the saxophonist in Typhoon’s band. He was also the bandleader of the afroband Mdungu. As a saxophonist, Thijs has played all over the world. He’s performed in countries such as Russia, China, Korea, Canada and Turkey. Nowadays he shares stages with the jazztrio Insomniacs Lullaby, Rico and C-Mon and Kypski. He won the 2004 Erasmus Jazz competition and in 2010 he got nominated for a Deloitte Jazz Award. Thijs van Milligen is a versatile musician that combines the best of hiphop, eclectic and pop. He will teach you the basics of these genres during this workshop.



Thijs van Milligen: ‘We will be working on interaction skills, improvisation technics and timing. We will be playing some J Dilla tracks, mixed with afrobeat’



Saxophone, guitar, keys, drums/percussion: Thijs van Milligen
Drums: Arnar Breevoort
Bass: Hubert Bredt



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Date: 28th of December
Location: Q-Factory
Time: 15:00 – 18:00 h
Costs: €27,50 (this includes a ticket for Club Amsterdam Klezmer in Mezrab on the 28th of December)