Club Amsterdam Klezmer

            A monthly music night at Mezrab Amsterdam



In 20 years of existence and endless touring AKB
befriended a great variety of musicians and bands
from all over the world. Now the AKB felt the urge
to enrich the music scene in their hometown and

picked up the idea to invite some of these valuable

musical acquaintances over to collaborate.
From sept 2017-april 2018 monthly each last Thursday:

east meets west, old and new, Nu!Klezmer, guest
musicians, every edition a different hot DJ!


 Club Amsterdam Klezmer – February 22nd

Another great edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer! Special guests of this edition are Hudaki Village Band and a group of young talented musicians.

Hudaki Village Band from Ukraine makes eclectic folkmusic with Balkan and Gipsy influences. They’ve played shows all over Europe since 2001. Their songs are about love, betrayal, friendship and war. Hudaki Village Band will move you with their modern take on traditional Ukrainian music.

Club Amsterdam Klezmer builds bridges. Bridges between the East and the West, between the young and the old. Amsterdam Klezmer Band has invited a group of young musicians between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. They’ve joined the CAK workshop and will show their newly required skills on stage.


Doors open: 8 PM

Show start: 8.30 PM

Tickets only at the door: 10 euro / Members: 8 euro



Club Amsterdam Klezmer – January 25th

Amsterdam Klezmer Band would like to welcome their special guests, Belgian Balkan brothers La Panika for the January edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer. La Panika will present their new CD ‘Darmadan’ during this show.


In the spirit of the eastern european village band, La Panika interprets the gypsy and balkan music of Bulgaria and Macedonia. When Benito Blancquaert, Belgian saxophone player and leader of the group, met Petar Elmazov, Bulgarian gipsy accordion player, it was (musical) love at first sight. Flamboyant French trumpetplayer Jean-Pierre Lietar came in, and the soul of La Panika was born. In formations ranging between 8 and 12 musicians, La Panika gathers highly skilled French, Bulgarian, Belgian and Macedonian musicians.


Time for a next phase in the career of La Panika. With their new album ‘Darmadan’ La Panika jumps back onto the forefront of the European balkan brass scene. A unique repertoire of some unknown pearls from the Roma canon, has been arranged with a contemporary sound with respect to the roots. Guests on the album include Neshko Neshev, former accordion player of Ivo Papasov, and Osama Abdulrasol, Iraqi qanun player. The album will be released on the 26th of January 2018 on Zephyrus Records.

Afterparty will be hosted by DJ Socrates.

Doors open: 8 PM

Show start: 9 PM

Tickets only at the door: 10 euro / Members: 8 euro




Club Amsterdam Klezmer – December 28th

Amsterdam Klezmer Band would like to welcome their special guest Arno van Nieuwenhuize (Metropole Orchestra) for the December edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer.

Arno van Nieuwenhuize is a well known percussionist from Vlaardingen. During the eighties Arno played in several well known bands in Holland, like the Daniel Sahuleka Band, the Margriet Eshuijs Band and the Fay Lovsky Band.

In 1984 the famous Dutch composer Rogier van Otterloo asked Arno to join the Metropole Orchestra. Arno worked with the orchestra until 2013. During this time he played and recorded with a lot of international artists like Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Chaka Khan, Oletta Adams, Gino Vanelli, Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Tenor, Asha Bosle, Cheb Khaled, Cliff Richard, Brian Eno, Steve Vai, Bono, Patrick Breul, Natascha Atlas, Sertab Erener, Sezen Aksu, Nguyên Lê, Gary Lucas, Terry Bozzio, Jim McNeally and many others.


DJ MPS PILOT will be rockin’ his tunes before & after the live set!


Doors open: 8 PM

Show start: 9 PM

Tickets only at the door: 10 euro / Members: 8 euro




 Club Amsterdam Klezmer – November 30th

During this special edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer, vocals will be the main point of focus. The special guest of this evening is Lilian Vieira. She will be singing alongside the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

The Brazilian-Dutch singer and lyric writer Lilian Vieira presents herself with her Brazilian Samba Soul from the sixties and seventies. At age 23 she moved to The Netherlands, where she, due to her special timbre, great improvisation skills and charismatic stage presence develops as a noted singer. This is partly due to her role in the Brazilectro group Zuco 103. Vieira – primarily singing in Portuguese – also works with multiple jazz-, soul- and funkbands and various DJs.


 Club Amsterdam Klezmer – October 26th


During this special edition of Club Amsterdam Klezmer, Amsterdam Klezmer Band takes you to a real Jewish wedding scene. Klezmer is originally weddingmusic. The Amsterdam Klezmer Band has played many weddings (goppes) throughout the years. It’s time to go back to the roots of Klezmer! Enjoy an AKB show like you’ve never seen them before; semi-acoustic, intimate, with lots of traditional Klezmer tunes and opportunities for dancing.


The special guest of the night is Sahand Sahebdivani. Instead of a traditional wedding speech, he will be telling an interesting story. Sahand was born in Iran and raised in the Netherlands where he studiedstorytelling, screenplay writing and music. He’s worked both in Dutch and Persian language media as a writer and programme maker on a variety of cultural, social and political issues. When he’s not in Amsterdam he’s touring the world with his band, his story shows and/or his storytelling workshops.